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21May 2020

Classification of disposable gloves

Classification of disposable gloves

Medical non-woven fabric products are medical and health textiles made from chemical fibers including polyester, polyamide, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), polypropylene, carbon fiber and glass fiber.

Product index

  • Isolation Gown

    The surgical gown consists of a collar, cloth body, sleeves and ties. LEARN MORE ->

  • Mask

    non-woven fabrics and N95 filter paper are used for the body part of the mask, 99% of the bacteria, droplets (above 3 μm) and pollen (above 30 μm) are able to be separated. LEARN MORE ->

  • Mask Machine

    Mask production line adopts PLC programming control, high stability, low failure rate, low noise, high work efficiency, the use of photoelectric testing raw materials, to avoid mistakes to reduce waste, raw material loss. LEARN MORE ->

  • Medical Cap

    We have 20 years produce experience and have gained a high reputation from our customers. LEARN MORE ->

  • Medical Protective Suit

    It can effectively resist the penetration of bacteria, viruses, alcohol, blood, body fluids, air dust particles, can effectively protect wearer from the theat of infection. LEARN MORE ->

  • Medical Shoe Cover

    Apply to:food industries,laboratories,hospitals,electronic workshops,cleanrooms etc LEARN MORE ->

  • Medical Surgical Gloves

    Medical and family protection Product name:Disposable thickened latex gloves LEARN MORE ->